"Town Factories" that continue to respond with accumulated technologies and proprietary development systems

Company Profile

Company name
Shinwa Seikou Inc.
November 20,1975
Amount of sales
140million yen
Average age of the employee
37years old
Number of Employees
Parts and Components by 3D Printing and cutting within 300mm


Space field


In the stratosphere, we are engaged in the development of a posture control device for launching rockets from balloons, with the goal of reducing weight with 3D printed parts of CFRP.

Development of micro satellite injection system

We are involved in the development of the parts with the University of Tokyo and what is currently being released from the ISS as a flight is our cutting and processing parts, but in the next flight , we will make a prototype to launch a metal 3d printed product.

Medical field

Development of 3d culture dispenser

In the field of regenerative medicine, We are involved in the development of dispensers for three-demensional culture. Precision machining of syringes and needles is required to dispense 0.1 μml of 200 shots per minute. We are developing parts by combining cutting and 3D printing.

Development of epileptic seizure suppression device

In order to control epileptic seizures, we are in charge of developing a device that sticks to the brain in order to cool the brain locally. In order to cool the inside of the 20㎜ ~ 40㎜ plate uniformly, the fine flow path is processed by machining, and it is also planned to perform 3D modeling as a titanium device.


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